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Automotive Blast Cleaning - Jalna Blast

Jalna Blast are specialist automotive blast cleaners in Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Sunderland and the North East

We have expert knowledge and expertise in automotive blast cleaning.

Automotive applications of the Jalna Blast cleaning system are widespread, ranging from external bodywork to internal engine components. Jalna blast soda blasting is precise non-abrasive blast media provide efficient and precise removal of:

The ability to do this safe, environmentally friendly and with non abrasive media guarantees the results that engine rebuilders need. As Jalna Blast are specialist blast cleaners we can easily achieve this with our expertise in the blast cleaning profession.

We have enviably had the pleasure of working on the following marques of cars;

The soluble nature of the media means quite simply NO GRITTY BITS! This is especially important if there are white metal bearings present, seals, rubber hoses and much more.

Surfaces Remain Undamaged

Crack closure due to the 'peening' effect of more traditional blast techniques does not happen with the Jalna Blast soda blast cleaning. This is especially important if you are about to test a crankshaft or other component for surface cracks. For another example, consider a centre seal between the two bearing journals of a twin cylinder motorcycle engine. The last thing you want is abrasion of the seal. Jalna Blast technological blast cleaning system is able to accomplish this difficult task without complications and high cost.

Surface Profile Modification

Should you actually want a change to the surface profile, then this service can be offered by Jalna Blast by using different media types, but remember, extra caution must be taken to clear the blasting medium out from the hidden corners afterwards.

No Blast Cleaning Job Too Big

There are so many applications for Jalna Blast as we can offer sand blast cleaning, bede blast cleaning, and blast cleaning. If you think you have a cleaning problem that demands control, precision and understanding then Jalna Blast cleaning service is for you! All of our equipment is mobile so we can come to you if you don't want to move it or if it's too big for our workshop! Alternatively you can bring it to us and we can clean it for you!

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