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Marine Blast Cleaning - Jalna Blast, Middlesbrough

Jalna Blast are specialist marine blast cleaners in Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Sunderland and the North East

We have expert knowledge and expertise in automotive blast cleaning.

Jalna Blast can blast clean the hull of your boat, whatever it is made from. Steel hulls can be stripped using hard media, fibreglass and timber hulls using soda all without damaging the gel coatings. All anti- fouling can be removed, ready for painting.Marine blast cleaners in Middlesbrough - image of a boat Fibreglass and carbon fibre craft can be cleaned safely as only contaminates are removed. Steel hulls are stripped to the base metal with no damage or distortion. Areas around rivets, screws or any other fixings are cleaned as new. Metalwork as found on many narrow boats and wide beam barges present also pose no problems for our blast cleaning machines.

Timber and Metal Hulls Blast Cleaning

Stripping back hard wood hulls, top decks and pitch pine surfaces using blast cleaning methods is extremely successful. It gives a uniform surface, which is quickly ready for re-painting or varnishing etc.

Metal hulls and fittings can be cleaned of paint and rust, leaving a deep anchor etch for new coatings. A sample blast can be arranged to ascertain the grade of abrasive and pressure that will be required in order to achieve the optimum results possible.

We can also use the blast cleaning to treat Osmosis problems in fibreglass hulls which is effective and quick. By using controlled pressure and the correct grade of media, as much or as little of the gel coating will be removed, as required. The key that is created leaves the surface ready and prepared for re-coating, either for osmosis treatment or just anti foul removal. Blast cleaning is always successful as it can be localised to different areas on the hull. The hull thickness invariably differs from one side to the other and even on the same side, the thickness of the gel coat can be extremely varied. Whatever you require Jalna Blast will be more than happy to assist you in any blast cleaning you require, so don't hesitate to contact us regarding any marine blast cleaning job that you need carrying out. Click here to go to our contact page.

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